Easton Press, The First Edition Library - 35 Volume Complete Set of all the Classics in Slipcases

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Easton Press First Edition Library 35 Volumes with Slipcases
A complete 35 Volume Collection - The First Edition Library - Easton Press. An incredible collection that would make the perfect gift for the literary collector. An excellent resource for the researcher of First Edition books.

Acquire all the classics in their original form, including Gone with the Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, Catch-22, and many others.

Sold out and OUT OF PRINT - Only 1 set Available. You won't find this collection anywhere else. It is now sold out and out of print. It was sold in this original form with the slipcase covers.

An incredible set for the Completist, who needs to have every significant First Edition ever published in its original form. A truly remarkable set to showcase in your library.

Here is a complete list of the books you will receive:

1) For Whom The Bell Tolls - Hemingway
2) The Great Gatsby - Fitzgerald
3) Go Tell It On The Mountain - Baldwin
4) Tarzan of the Apes - Burroughs
5) Tobacco Road - Caldwell
6) My Antonia - Cather
7) Farewell, My Lovely - Chandler
8) The Red Badge of Courage - Crane
9) Invisible Man - Ellison
10) Absalom, Absalom! - Faulkner
11) As I Lay Dying - Faulkner
12) The Sound and the Fury - Faulkner
13) This Side of Paradise - Fitzgerald
14) Tender is the Night - Fitzgerald
15) Catch-22 - Heller
16) Farewell to Arms - Hemingway
17) Old Man and the Sea - Steinbeck
18) The Sun Also Rises - Hemingway
19) On the Road - Kerouac
20) One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest - Kesey
21) To Kill A Mockingbird - Lee
22) Babbitt - Lewis
23) Main Street - Lewis
24) The Naked and the Dead - Mailer
25) Gone with the Wind - Mitchell
26) The Fountainhead - Rand
27) East of Eden - Steinbeck
28) The Grapes of Wrath - Steinbeck
29) Of Mice and Men - Steinbeck
30) Adventures of Huck Finn - Twain
31) Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Twain
32) All the King's Men - Penn
33) The Age of Innocence - Wharton
34) Look Homeward, Angel - Wolfe
35) Native Son - Wright

Condition Fine - All 34 volumes are brand new mint and flawless. The condition is of the highest quality.


These are facsimiles of the original first editions of the great America's classics. Each printing of these books is identical to the original as it first appeared in print, with its original.... All the correct Issue Points are also included.

- dust jacket
-sewn binding
-paper weight and finish
-cover design
-and even all the typographical errors which distinguish the first editions from the later printings.

Each book comes in a heavyweight protective slipcase.

VERY FINE GUARANTEED. Each volume is Very Fine condition without any flaws, with a few still sealed in the shrink-wrap. There are no markings, writings, or stampings. No attached bookplates or indication of any removed. Each volume is a well cared for book, protected from any potential damage. Square and tight spines. Sharp corners that are not bumped. Each volume is a wonderful bright clean copy.
Easton Press
dj/HC in Slipcase
Limited First Edition
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