Ray Bradbury "Bullet Trick" Deluxe Signed Limited Lettered Edition "BB" of 52 (As New)

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Ray Bradbury "Bullet Trick" Deluxe Signed Limited Lettered Edition "BB" of 52 (As New)
Ray Bradbury "Bullet Trick" Deluxe Signed Limited Lettered Edition "BB" of 52 (As New)
The Lettered Traycased Edition, limited to only 52 signed and lettered copies. Bullet Trick, by Ray Bradbury is a signed limited edition of never-before published material. It contains five teleplays (original stories that were not based on previously written stories), written by Ray Bradbury, that appeared on TV from 1955 through 1963. With the exception of the 1959 Steve Canyon production, the other four teleplays deal with fear and paranoia.
  • A feeling of dark gloom and hopelessness hovers over “The Jail” and “Dial Double Zero.”
  • “Bullet Trick” deals with the age old problem of an unhappy marriage and infidelity.
  • “Tunnel to Yesterday” deals with the paranoia and fear of a war long gone.

Bradbury wrote three scripts for the original Twilight Zone, adapted from previously published Bradbury yarns. Only “I Sing the Body Electric” (appearing only in the lettered edition) was actually produced for the original Twilight Zone series. “Here There Be Tygers” and “A Miracle of Rare Devices” were never produced.

Finally, the book contains two prose adaptations Bradbury wrote after he wrote the screenplays. Both “Bullet Trick” and “Hand In Glove” (“The Jail”) are far different than the teleplays.

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"BULLET TRICK comes across as a true labor of love, and I commend Gauntlet Press for their work on unearthing these gems, and sharing them with Bradbury collectors." -- Squib Central

"For those readers who are already familiar with and enjoy Bradbury’s fiction, The Bullet Trick is a must read filled with original material being seen and available for reading for the very first time, and which showcase author Bradbury at the height of his creative powers." -- HorrorWorld

"Editor Donn Albright has compiled an astonishing collection of previously unpublished materials from one of the world's most renowned authors of science fiction and fantasy." -- Creature Feature

About the Author

Ray Douglas Bradbury is an American fantasy, horror, science fiction, and mystery writer. Best known for his dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 (1953) and for the science fiction stories gathered together as The Martian Chronicles (1950) and The Illustrated Man (1951), Bradbury is one of the most celebrated among 20th and 21st century American writers of speculative fiction. Many of Bradbury's works have been adapted into television shows or films.

Gauntlet Press
Gauntlet Press
Deluxe Signed Lettered Edition of 52
As New in As New Traycase
Signature Authenticity:
Lifetime Guarantee of Signature Authenticity. Personally signed by the author directly onto the special title page of the book. The autograph is not a facsimile, stamp, or auto-pen.