Stephen King, Dragon Rebound Series, Leather Bound Matching Lettered Set "P" of only 26, 5 Vols [Very Fine]

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Build a library of fine bindings with these expertly hand-crafted leather bound Stephen King books.

Five Volumes, Matching Lettered "P", that includes future purchasing rights!

A unique opportunity to acquire a matching lettered set of the new hand-crafted "dragon rebound" series set of Stephen King books. This matching lettered set also includes all future purchasing rights directly from the publisher, allowing you to build an even more valuable collection. Very few collectors in the world will have a complete matching lettered set. Offered on consignment by a private collector. This is currently the only such matching lettered set available in the world.

Dragon Rebound Editions 2016-2019. Stephen King "The Eyes of the Dragon", "Firestarter", "IT", "The Dark Half", and "Cujo". Leather bound hand-crafted books, matching lettered "P" of only 26 available. Very Fine without any discernible flaws. Additional photos are available upon request.

Five volumes are included in this collection:

1. Stephen King "The Eyes of The Dragon" Lettered "P" (black and red copy as shown in the photos, only four produced) [Very Fine]
Personally signed on the title page by artist David Palladini.

2. Stephen King "Firestarter" Lettered "P" (lighter color as shown in the photos) [Very Fine]

3. Stephen King "IT" Lettered "P" + all publisher supplied materials [Very Fine]
Personally signed by Bob Giusti directly onto the colophon page
  • Giclée print of original cover painting signed by Bob Giusti
  • Early cover concept sketch by Bob Giusti

4. Stephen King "The Dark Half" Lettered "P" [Very Fine]

5. Stephen King "Cujo" Lettered "P" [Very Fine]

5. Purchasing rights to future rebound publication books.

1. THE EYES OF THE DRAGON [One of only 4 with Red and Black Leather]

This custom rebound edition of The Eyes of the Dragon uses the page block from an original Viking Trade First Edition Hardback.

Two binding styles were made and all are signed on the title page by artist David Palladini.

Style 1:

This book is a full leather binding. The leather is a cowhide that is dyed and engraved with a reptilian pattern.

Style 2:

This book is a full leather binding. The leather on the spine is red goatskin, and the leather on the boards is genuine caiman skin. The page edges have been cleaned and the book boards are sanded at the edges to create an elegant bevel. The endsheets are hand marbled by the bookbinder into a flame pattern. The spine is rounded and with the addition of a hollow back and shoulders fitting behind the book boards, shelf wear and the sagging of the text block over time will be prevented. The spine is tooled in gold with raised bands and a sculpted headcap that crowns the woven silk headbands. The book is housed in a custom linen cloth slipcase.


From the publisher

In addition to these original drawings, the book includes a signed limited edition museum grade giclée print of the original cover art, printed on fine art textured paper. This print was created exclusively for this edition.

Quarter Bound in Leather - The spine of the book is bound in leather using a Nigerian goatskin. The spine has raised bands and gold tooling as well as woven silk headbands. Italian Hand Marbled Endpapers.

Made by Hand - "Part of the motivation behind these projects is that I have an opportunity to spotlight various artisans who have dedicated their lives to refining and perfecting their craft.

In a world dominated by millions of manufactured objects, it is very fulfilling to surround yourself with people who make beautiful things by hand. In working on these projects, I have been inspired by the artists, bookbinders and in this case, a master woodworker. I love the authenticity of this process, and how these boards began as wood logs and went through numerous stages including sawing, splitting, hand planing and shaping to create the beautiful wood boards that will grace this custom bound edition."

For more information about this special rebound leather bound edition of Firestarter, please visit:



Signed Lettered Edition "P"
Personally signed by Bob Giusti directly onto the colophon page

This custom-bound edition of IT by Stephen King uses the page block from an original Viking Trade First Edition Hardback.

The book is bound by Erin Fletcher at her studio in Boston, Massachusetts, as a semi-split board sewn over frayable tapes to prevent sagging of the heavy page block. The boards are covered in black buffalo skin with goatskin onlays in red, white and yellow for the balloons on the cover, and the title on the spine. The balloon strings are hand-embroidered in cotton floss. The author name is blind-stamped on the spine. Endbands are leather wrapped in red goatskin. The marbled endpapers are a custom design and handmade by Sevim Surucu at her studio in Chicago, Illinois.

he book is signed on the colophon page by Bob Giusti, and includes a giclée print of the original cover art, also signed by Bob Giusti, as well as a reproduction of Bob’s original sketch concept. The book is housed in a custom Cold Rolled Steel case, which is handcrafted by Alisa Toninato at her studio in Madison, Wisconsin. The box cover is a scaled down sewer grate, made from cast iron, poured into a custom sand mold, which rests on fabric panels inside the box, revealing the leather book below. The book is seated in a red suede-lined book bed. A clear sheet of acid free transparent film is placed on top of the book, to protect the leather.

For more information on this special leather bond issue of IT, please visit



This custom-bound edition of The Dark Half by Stephen King uses the page block from an original Viking trade first edition hardback.

The book is hand-sewn and bound in quarter leather with a white and black foil stamped cover and spine. The front and back boards are covered in black and white European cloth. Half of the books are bound in black leather and half in white leather. Endpapers are silkscreened in India on a navy cotton base paper. The book is housed in a custom handmade cigar-style box covered in black Quartzite slate from Italy, and lined with black velvet.

Quarter Leather Binding- The book is presented in two binding states. Both are quarter bound in leather, with one version bound in black leather, and another in white. Half of the run is white, and half black. When ordering, you can select your preferred color (while supplies last.) The front panels and spine are foil stamped.

Slate Covered Box- We have sourced this incredible Quartzite slate material from Italy, and it will be used to cover the custom box which will house this beautifully bound book. Made to look like George Stark’s gravestone, it is the perfect covering material for this edition. It ain’t cheap, but hey, we want the best for our rebound books!

Limited Edition Letterpress Print Bonus- Included with ALL orders is this special limited edition print of the bird engravings by Lars Hokanson. This is letterpress printed on a beautiful 300 gsm Somerset Velvet cotton paper, with a deckled lower edge. Each print is numbered by hand.

For more information on this special edition of The Dark Half, visit


From the publisher :

After much anticipation, we are very pleased to announce the fifth book in this series of custom bound novels by Stephen King. For those unfamiliar with these books, we acquire 1st edition copies, and then work with bookbinders and other artisans to rebind the original book block. By incorporating elements of the story into the design of the binding we hope to create a unique experience. It is our way of honoring the work of Stephen King, and crafting a cover design that collectors and fans can cherish.

Quarter Leather Binding
The Cujo rebound is limited to 52 copies and is a quarter leather binding with printed fabric boards which have a soft velour-type feel. A custom handmade dog collar is riveted to the cover, and it includes a dog tag with the title and author name engraved on the surface. Endsheets are handmade paste papers, and the book is housed in a clamshell box featuring a rubber “doggie door” on the front, revealing the book below when lifted.

Doggie Door Clamshell Box
So what’s the best way to house a custom bound edition of Cujo? Well, in a clamshell box that features a rubber doggie door of course! Lifting the flap will reveal the book below, which is removed by opening the box just like any other clamshell enclosure.

Steven Stroud
Artist Steven Stroud is no stranger to these editions. He illustrated the dust jackets for both Firestarter and Cujo. We consider this rebound edition to be a companion piece to Firestarter. Steven has created an original drawing of Cujo as a cute puppy, which will be bound into each copy, and he has also signed a 6″ x 9″ print of the Cujo cover.

Doggie Bone Stress Ball

ALL orders will ship with this limited edition promotional item, a custom-printed doggie bone stress ball!

Signature Authenticity


"The Eyes Of The Dragon" is personally signed on the title page by artist David Palladini. "IT" has been personally signed by Bob Giusti directly onto the colophon page.
VERY FINE GUARANTEED - Very Fine for all leather bound volumes in this collection. The condition is of the highest quality without any discernible flaws. Sharp corners all around and a square spine. Unread books without any marks, writing, or stamps.
Dragon Rebound Editions 2016-2018
Leather Bound (Full genuine leather)
Matching Lettered Edition of 26
9" x 8" x 1.5"