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Recent Customer review - "I've been a book collector for years and when I order a book from VFB, I know it is going to be a top quality book and it is going to arrive at my home in the same condition it arrived at VeryFineBooks. Their team ensures this by packaging the book to survive whatever the shipping elements it could face. And being given tracking information allows me to keep an eye out for my latest treasure. Thank you Team . This edition of 1984 is wonderful. I love this book and having this edition to add to my collection sparks joy.  You book applied your many skills to make this another beautiful for book collectors in general and fans of 1984."

George E.  

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"Arrived to Sydney in perfect condition. The book arrived in good condition and was very well packaged in a sturdy cardboard box, again packaged into another box to minimise the possibility of the book being damaged during transit. My first online order pleased they shipped internationally. It was all a positive experience as they are both friendly and professional in the communication process, easy to deal with. I would highly recommend VERYFINEBOOKS to anyone wanting to purchase a beautiful book from them. As they will deliver it on time and in perfect condition. I look forward to placing my next order again with VERYFINEBOOKS online store." Posted by Helen Theo on Jul 17th 2022

"I am a very satisfied customer now for almost two years. EVERYTHING I have received from Very Fine Books has been an excellent product, exactly as described. I am very impressed with the packaging which allows the books arrived in excellent shape, no damage at all. All my email questions have been handled very promptly and thoroughly every time. I have nothing but the highest praise for Very Fine Books and give them my highest recommendation"

John W.

October 10, 2020

"My wife and I made what was for us a very substantial one-time purchase from VeryFineBooks. We are not collectors, but the purchase was made as a gift for a family member who is. Quite honestly, we were very nervous about processing such a transaction via the Internet, but we could not be more pleased. The service provided by Emmanuel Manetakis was exceptional in all ways. His responses to our inquiries prior to the purchase were immediate, the processing of our payment was seamless, the collection arrived in mint condition via three different boxes personally packaged by Emmanuel, and his follow up to ensure our satisfaction was much appreciated. Especially given our trepidation given our inexperience with such transactions, we can find no fault what so ever with our transaction and we will gladly return to VeryFineBooks for such purchases in the future!"

-Mark W. 

Oct. 27, 2020

"Outstanding books, outstanding shipping time. Very well and carefully packaged. Great service . Convenient to order and you know you will get the order as advertised. Very fast delivery time. I will order again."

-Mark Z. 

October 29, 2020

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