Ray Bradbury "Leviathan '99" Signed First Edition w/COA [Sealed]

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Ray Bradbury "Leviathan '99" Signed First Edition w/COA [Sealed]
Ray Bradbury "Leviathan '99" Signed First Edition w/COA [Sealed]
Ray Bradbury "Leviathan '99" Signed First Edition w/COA [Sealed]
Ray Bradbury "Leviathan '99" Signed First Edition w/COA [Sealed]
Ray Bradbury "Leviathan '99" Signed First Edition w/COA [Sealed]
Ray Bradbury "Leviathan '99" Signed First Edition w/COA [Sealed]
Ray Bradbury "Leviathan '99" Signed First Edition w/COA [Sealed]
Ray Bradbury "Leviathan '99" Signed First Edition w/COA [Sealed]
Ray Bradbury "Leviathan '99" Signed First Edition w/COA [Sealed]
Ray Bradbury "Leviathan '99" Signed First Edition w/COA [Sealed]

Personally signed by Ray Bradbury, one of the great storytellers who, through his explorations of science and space, has illuminated the human condition.

"Leviathan '99" by Ray Bradbury. Easton Press. Norwalk, CT. 2007. 96 pages. Signed First Edition - Includes Certificate of Authenticity from Easton Press. One of only 1,000 copies signed by the author, a gorgeous volume with original frontispiece artwork by Mark Zug.

Makes a lovely gift for the serious collector or science fiction fan in your life. This magnificent volume is part of the Signed First Edition of Science Fiction collection by Easton Press. Beautifully illustrated and bound in full genuine leather with elegant gold detailing.



Ray Bradbury, America's most beloved storyteller, has spent a lifetime carrying readers to exhilarating and dangerous places, from dark street comers in unfamiliar cities and towns to the edge of the universe. "Leviathan '99" transplants the themes and story line of Melville's classic to outer space. Ishmael here is astronaut Ishmael Hunnicut Jones, Queequeg a towering alien named Quell, and Ahab a maniacal, blind starship captain. Instead of a white whale, the captain's nemesis is a planet-devouring comet known as Leviathan.

Leviathan '99, which Mr. Bradbury describes as Moby-Dick in outer space, was started in the '50s, and though he has revisited it sporadically over the years, it was originally intended as a radio script for Norman Corwin. It follows Ishmael Jones as he accompanies a blind, maniacal captain of the largest interstellar spaceship ever built, tracking a great white comet. - New York Times



Includes all the classic Easton Press qualities:

* Premium Leather
* Silk Moire Endleaves
* Distinctive Cover Design
* Hubbed Spine, Accented in Real 22KT Gold
* Satin Ribbon Page Marker
* Gilded Page Edges
* Long-lasting, High Quality Acid-neutral Paper
* Smyth-sewn Pages for Strength and Durability
* Beautiful Illustrations


About The Author

Ray Bradbury (August 22, 1920 - June 5, 2012) published some 500 short stories, novels, plays and poems since his first story appeared in Weird Tales when he was twenty years old. Among his many famous works are "Fahrenheit 451," "The Illustrated Man," and "The Martian Chronicles."

Bradbury sold his first story, "The Lake," for $13.75 at the age of twenty-two. He became a full-time writer by the end of 1942. His first collection of short stories, "Dark Carnival," was published in 1947 by Arkham House, a small press in Sauk City, Wisconsin, owned by writer August Derleth. Reviewing "Dark Carnival" for the New York Herald Tribune, Will Cuppy proclaimed Bradbury "suitable for general consumption" and predicted that he would become a writer of the caliber of British fantasy author John Collier.

Besides his fiction work, Bradbury wrote many short essays on the arts and culture, attracting the attention of critics in this field. Bradbury also hosted "The Ray Bradbury Theater," which was based on his short stories. Bradbury was a consultant for the American Pavilion at the 1964 New York World's Fair and the original exhibit housed in Epcot's Spaceship Earth geosphere at Walt Disney World.

Bradbury was the recipient of many prestigious awards, including the American Academy of Arts and Letters for contributions to American literature, The Benjamin Franklin Award, the National Medal of the Arts, and a Pulitzer Prize special citation for prolific and unmatched career and influence.

VERY FINE GUARANTEED. Sealed. A wonderful bright clean copy free of any markings, writings, or stamps. Sharp corners that have not been bumped. Tight binding. Most likely an unread book. No bookplates attached or indication of any removed. The gilded page edges are free of any marks, scratches, or blemishes.
Easton Press
Signed First Edition
Full Genuine Leather
Ray Bradbury
Leviathan '99